Winterholler Dentistry & Oral Surgery: Family, Implant, Sedation

Winterholler Dentistry & Oral Surgery - Family, Implant, Sedation

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Pride in Our Work

Great dentistry is about personalized care coupled with aesthetic excellence. The Winterhollers believe complete oral care begins with preventative family dentistry and spans to the most specialized implant surgery. We pride ourselves on bringing every bit of our expertise and knowledge to each appointment, whether it's a complex procedure or a simple cleaning.

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Thoughts from our Patients...

  • Everyone here is so friendly and you feel as if you are with old trusted friends the moment that you walk in the door. Dr. Winterholler is the most amazing dentist and treats his patients with great care, he is so gentle and considerate of any possible pain or discomfort. I am particularly impressed with the way that he doesn't nickle and dime his patients but rather gives solid up front estimates where necessary and sticks to them. I feel so at home, comfortable and welcome there and the treatments bring awesome results. I have a smile that I am proud of for the first time in my life and I actually enjoy my dentist visits now instead of dreading them and avoiding them. Thank you for the wonderful caring attention! - Rosalind P. Hardin, MT
  • I never wait very long at Dr Winterholler's office. The staff is pleasant, answers all my questions. The dental hygienist makes my cleaning one of the most comfortable I have ever experienced and I have had my teeth cleaned many times before. - Joye Recanati
  • I had a great first visit to Winterholler Dentistry today. The office staff was friendly and helpful. My overall impression was that the office was very modern, update-to-date and that I was in good hands. I would recommend them to anyone! - Anonymous
  • I had a tall order going into the dentist, the staff were all so friendly and accommodating. I had several fears and by the end of the day these fears were laid to rest. I am so glad I choose Dr. Winterholler and his staff. Thumbs up and Thank you! - Anonymous
  • Doctor Winterholler is by far the best dentist in the northwestern United States. He is very professional and immediately put together a plan for getting my teeth in perfect condition. If you live within 200 miles of Billings, it is worth the drive to see him. - J. Smith
  • Dr. Winterholler gave me a thorough consultation for an implant, identified moderate periodontal disease that was under diagnosed a month before by another dentist, explained my options with pros and cons of each, and provided me with treatment plans that included costs and my dental coverage. He and his staff are very kind, invested in their job, and provide a sense of calm and confidence without pressure. - Teri Jackson
  • I was impressed with the thoroughness of the hygienist. And her technique was also very good. She was sensitive to my issues but helped me get through it in a reassuring manner. Please share this with her. And as always, love Dr. Winterholler and his encouragement. Look forward to sending more referrals. Thank you to the recent staff who sorted out my insurance and are working on the billing. I appreciate you all! - Anonymous