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What is a Dental Laser?

Dental lasers are medical devices that use precise beams of high-intensity light to treat tissue, and are recognized as a safe and gentle alternative to traditional dental tools for reducing blood loss, decreasing postoperative discomfort, lessening the chance of wound infection, achieving better wound healing, and accomplishing more complex tasks. 

Because lasers can focus on tiny areas, they are ideal tools for performing dental surgeries such as full mouth dental implant placement, which requires absolute precision. 

For full arch dental implants, lasers are used to incise gum tissue for implant placement, prepare extraction sites for immediate placement, recontour gum tissue, and to uncover implants during the second stage. 

Lasers are also used to gently and effectively treat peri-implantitis, a site-specific infectious disease that causes inflammation of soft tissues. When left untreated, peri-implantitis can lead to bone loss around an implant, and possibly even failure of the implant.

For all your soft tissue concerns, we welcome you to seek treatment from our experienced dentist.

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Innovative Technique Focused on Your Comfort

Laser-assisted dental implant placement is an groundbreaking protocol that enhances patient comfort, site cleansing and placement accuracy. 

Dr. Will Winterholler offers laser-assisted placement for full mouth dental implants in Laurel, MT  and Billings, MT. Prior to placing your dental implants, “Dr. Will” and team uses our dental laser to gently eliminate harmful bacteria from your gums and mouth. 

We then use the laser to incise the sites where implants are going to be placed, which eliminates the need for a drill or scalpel. 

Lasers have been shown to improve overall healing time by increasing the production of epidermal growth factor (EGF) and new cells. 

Several studies have demonstrated that lasers are also as effective as antibacterial rinses for eliminating contamination and bacteria from extraction sites. 

In skilled hands, the laser enables safe and immediate dental implant placement after a tooth is extracted, thereby reducing the number of appointments and associated costs. 

In terms of comfort, laser-assisted implant placement is minimally invasive, so you’ll experience less bleeding, inflammation and postsurgical pain.

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The Benefits of Lasers in Implant Dentistry

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Pride in Work and Experience Matters

As with any dental procedure, laser-assisted dental implant requires advanced training and skills to minimize the risk of potential complications and achieve the best results. 

An implant dentist must have thorough knowledge regarding the specific wavelength of laser that can be used for full mouth dental implants and be aware of potential laser-tissue interactions. Dr. Will has extensive training in the art and science of dental implants, full mouth implant rehabilitation and laser technology. 

With a dedication to excellence, Winterholler Dentistry & Implant Surgery has placed more than 6,000 dental implants, becoming the go-to practice for patients looking for the best dental implants procedure in Billings, MT and Laurel, MT. 

From using gentle lasers to explaining every step of getting dental implants, your comfort and satisfaction are always at the forefront of everything we do.

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Full Mouth Dental Implant Costs

While we pride ourselves on using the absolute best materials and brand-name implant systems available, we are equally as proud to offer fair prices and the lowest fees in the area! 

The cost of laser-assisted placement will be based on your unique treatment plan and the number of implants being placed. We do accept insurance from a number of insurance carriers, and we also offer third-party dental financing from top-rated companies. 

Providing comprehensive implant dentistry using the most innovative technologies available enhances our ability to do what we love most: helping patients restore their smiles, leading to vibrant, confident lives.

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