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Sedation Dentistry Eases Dental Fears

If you’re one of the estimated 50-80% of adults in the U.S. with some degree of dental anxiety, dental anesthesia is a safe and evidenced-based method to make your dental visits more pleasant. It’s also a good option for children and people with special needs to ease anxiety, which makes it easier to administer treatment. When IV sedation or general anesthesia is required, Dr. Will Winterholler works closely with a certified registered nurse anesthetist to put patients at ease in the dental chair. Over the course of his career, “Dr. Will” has seen firsthand how IV sedation benefits his patients, and he feels strongly about sharing his expertise with other dentists. He helped create a course that provides training to dentists who want to learn and incorporate IV dental anesthesia practices. Sedation provides all the benefits of restorative dental care without the memory of an uncomfortable experience. Sedation also allows most procedures to be completed in one day, which offers convenience while saving time and money. With a skilled nurse anesthetist administering safe and soothing sedation dentistry in Billings, MT and Laurel, MT, you can trust and depend on our team to take great care of your smile!

We offer sedation dentistry services customized to your unique level of dental fear to minimize your anxiety and worry.

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Reasons to Get Sedation Dentistry

Our Sedation Dentistry Services

With conscious oral sedation, we prescribe a pill that you take about an hour before your procedure. If you have severe anxiety in anticipation of your procedure, we may recommend taking a pill the night before. For pediatric patients, we usually use liquid sedation since it’s easier to swallow. Although oral sedation causes grogginess … and you may even fall asleep! … you’ll still be able to communicate with our team, and you’ll awaken easily. Because oral sedation temporarily affects your memory and motor skills, a friend or family member will need to drive you home after your procedure.
Sometimes called “laughing gas,” nitrous oxide is a gaseous medication inhaled with oxygen through a mask that fits over your nose. The calming effects begin within three to five minutes, and throughout your procedure, we’ll be able to easily adjust the amount of sedation you receive. Once treatment is complete, you’ll breathe in pure oxygen to flush the nitrous oxide out of your system. Because the effects of nitrous oxide wear off quickly, you’ll be able to drive yourself home.

Administered intravenously, this type of dental anesthesia can put you into a sleeplike state, although you’ll likely remain awake during your procedure. Due to the amnesic effects, many patients who receive IV sedation forget parts – or the entirety! – of their treatment. IV sedation in Laurel, MT and Billings, MT is an ideal choice for more severe anxiety, or if you need complex treatments such as full mouth dental implants. Due to lingering side effects, a friend or family member will need to drive you home after your visit.

General anesthesia induces complete unconsciousness, and is used to facilitate dental treatment in patients with anxiety or challenging behavior, including children or patients with special needs. It’s also a deeper level of sedation than IV or oral sedation medications, so it’s perfect for those how have a high tolerance for IV or oral sedation, or if you’re undergoing traumatic dental procedures. While under general anesthesia, you won’t be able to respond, can’t be aroused nor feel any pain during your procedure.

Sedation Provides Peace of Mind for Healthier Smiles

If you feel anxious about the sights, sounds or smells associated with dentistry, one of our sedation options may be the solution that keeps your teeth and gums healthy! Many patients don’t realize that receiving regular dental care can help prevent more serious dental issues, as well as systemic health conditions. Tooth decay can lead to gum disease, which is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. If left untreated, the bacteria from gum disease can spread throughout the body’s systems and lead to such conditions as diabetes, pregnancy complications, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and even some types of male cancers! For these quite serious reasons, we encourage everyone with dental fear to consider sedation dentistry. Most insurance companies cover some or all of the costs of sedation, especially for oral surgery and procedures on young children. We partner with multiple insurance companies, and we’ll help you file claims to ensure payment is as painless as your procedure. If you’re looking for sedation anesthesia near you in Billings, MT and Laurel, MT, you can receive the life-changing and comfortable dental care you deserve at Winterholler Dentistry & Implant Surgery!

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Say Goodbye to Dental Anxiety with Sedation Dentistry!

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