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Our Technology Brings Healthy Smiles to Life!

Most dental offices send implant and crown restorations to an outside dental laboratory for fabrication, thereby giving up control of the manufacturing process. Dr. Will Winterholler is dedicated to bringing every smile to life using top technologies, which inspired his decision to invest in an on-site dental lab in Billings, MT and Laurel, MT. Having a state-of-the-art lab allows “Dr. Will” and his team to provide top-quality crowns and implant prostheses under one roof. Combining artistic and restorative skills with 3D printers and on-site milling machines enables the creation of beautiful restorations with outstanding quality control. Whether you need single dental implants, same-day crowns and bridges, implant-supported dentures, full mouth dental implants or zirconia bridges, we can deliver all of these in one practice setting!

Combining artistic and restorative skills with 3D printers and on-site milling machines enables the creation of beautiful restorations

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The Advantages of an On-Site Dental Lab

Our on-site dental lab offers incredible convenience, superb quality control, quicker turnaround, and peace of mind that you’ll receive excellent results each time you visit us. Innovative implant protocols such as All-on-4® and a full mouth dental implant lab allow our team to deliver far more affordable dental implants.

Our On-Site Lab Technologies

The on-site milling machine at our full mouth dental implant lab enables the creation of both natural-looking temporaries from high-quality dental resin and beautiful final restorations from zirconia. The well-documented benefits of zirconia as a restorative dental material include excellent biocompatibility with the human body, superior stain resistance, and five times the strength of porcelain and other types of crown material.
3D printers are incredibly versatile because they can produce a wide variety of 3D products with consistently high quality, from crown and bridge models and surgical guides to aligners, retainers, mouth guards and dentures.
CEREC technology allows our team to design and create restorations, including crowns and bridges, using CAD/CAM technology in just a few hours. The restorations are designed from digital impressions using computer software instead of messy molding material. Your teeth are dusted with reflective powder and scanned with a small wand that takes pictures of your mouth and sends them straight to a computer, which uses software to design your crown. The computer selects a color of ceramic that most closely matches your natural teeth, then transmits the designs to a milling machine that fabricates the crown or bridge from a single block of high-quality dental ceramic.

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