All On 4 Implant Testimonial


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"All-On-4 Have Made Me Feel More Confident."

I hit a horse and I bounced my face off the steering wheel. Popped over a little hill. And there’s a horse standing right in the middle of the road and I don’t have time to slam on. I go right through him. I came in, sat down, met Dr. Winterholler. Had a counsel which was three years ago to start fixing my teeth, what he could do.

I hit a horse and I bounced my face off the steering wheel.


Dr. Winterholler:

When we first met Michael, he had a lot of concerns. He already understood a lot about implants. He had done his homework. He had done research about dental implants, and what they could do for him.


Everything is done in-house here. I came in and they scanned my mouth, and I had teeth within hours. And can be smiling. I was scared to death. I thought I was going to be in pain forever after this surgery because I was getting 90 taken out, I think. And I never felt a thing after the day I left here. I never did. It went well. Never had a problem since. It’s been four months. And I love my teeth. I love my smile. And I love what Dr. Will did for me. I have four implants on top, and my teeth are fixed to it, and it’s amazing. Dr. Winterholler and Jason have been very professional with me. Kind, upfront, positive, uplifting for me.

Dr. Winterholler:

With Michael, he’s a guy who is kind of a funny guy and he’s a guy who can be very serious at the same time. And when he came back after we had done the procedure for him, he said, wow doc, you’re the implant whisperer. And I said, man, Michael, if you could tell that to everybody, then that would be awesome.


When I see myself now, I feel more confident, ready to go get a job, and make a better life for my new teeth.

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