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"Dr. Winterholler Built Me A Custom Smile With All-On-4."

Hi, my name is Willy. I had the treatment I got here at Winterholler Dentistry, which was the full upper and lower, all on four. I had gum disease, which led to cavities and other things that I let go too long and didn’t take care of, and off and on headaches for many years. Hot and cold foods were always a big problem.

I had gum disease, which led to cavities and other things that I let go too long and didn't take care of, and off and on headaches for many years.

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Dr. Winterholler:

Willy is a radio DJ. The level of concern for taking care of someone who lives by their voice brings a whole new desire to make sure that we could provide for him something that wouldn’t affect his current work status. His voice is so important because the ability to speak is so important. When you’re listening to someone on the radio that you’re used to listening to every single day. If their S is sound different if their F sounds different. You’re going to wonder if that’s still the same guy on the radio.


In my late 20s and into my early 30s. My teeth started getting worse and without taking care of them, I kind of let it go. And then I started talking with Dr. Winterholler. He’s a great guy, a cool guy who made me feel comfortable more so than any other dentist has in a long, long time. And so, we kind of developed a friendship first, and then, I decided to take it on and do the procedure. Dr. Winterholler set me down, and he said we’re going to do this than we do to some of our other patients. I’m going to build them a little bit lighter and that will less affect the way you speak. And I think he built some of the top a little bit higher up so air wouldn’t get out through like the top of my gums and things like that. And he said, I’m pretty sure you could go back to work tomorrow. And I didn’t really believe him and honestly, I probably could went back to work that night after I got out of the chair. It was that amazing and that fast.

I had a smile that has been my smile for 40 years and when he handed me that mirror, I was so surprised to see how much it looked exactly like my old teeth. A big part of this office that I was happy with is the team here. Everyone that I came in contact with from the front desk girl, to the time that I was leaving were so friendly. And everyone that was taken care of me. The entire time, the lab work people, and everything. Really, I was amazed at how fast and how professional and how just I feel 100 times better every day when I wake up.

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