All On 4 Implant Testimonial


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"My New Smile Is A Game Changer Due To All-On-4."

I had an abscessed tooth that went bad and didn’t get a chance to it was on a weekend so I ended up going to the emergency room. They told me I needed to see a dentist and that there was nobody to talk to. So I was having problems with a lot of my teeth because I couldn’t drink anything cold. I was, you know, that been going on for a while. This was an eye-opening experience.

They told me I needed to see a dentist and that there was nobody to talk to.

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Dr. Winterholler:

Some George had a lot of concerns. He had teeth that he wasn’t happy with the look of, but more importantly, he had spent a lot of time in the hospital setting. He spent time in the ICU from a tooth infection.


 I couldn’t open my jaw for quite a bit. You know, it was very kind of locked even after surgery. So I had to wait a little while before coming to see Dr. Will for some procedures.

Dr. Winterholler:

When you look at the original smile. You don’t think his teeth. Look that they don’t look like they’re that unhealthy, but he had some teeth that had terrible decay, and he’d had a lot of pain and he just wanted to be done with all of that. After talking to George about his fears, desires, and all those things, we decided that the best thing for George was four implants on the bottom and four implants on the top, and to do them all for restoration.


It’s a game changer. It’s just a hole, and they can make facial say it. There are lots of things they can do to improve your looks. I’m happy with it. I’m really happy. And I even convinced my wife to get hers done.

Dr. Winterholler:

To hear George loved it so much that he brought his wife in a few years later. And we’ve done the same thing for her, and it’s been a wonderful experience for him. He’s still a patient that comes back and visits frequently and gets his taken care of like you are supposed to, and we have a great relationship.


Having everything in one place, and knowing that he has a staff that can do all the work is the way to go. Instead of farming things out, this is the best way to go. I get compliments all the time on, and I never tell them that I have implants. I never tell people that you know, just, “Yeah. They are nice teeth, I like my teeth.”

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